Community Involvement

Focus: Civic Engagement, Advocacy, Education & Youth Empowerment

This committee works in partnership with our affiliate the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS) and community partners such as, local high schools, colleges, community centers, public institutions and educational providers to deliver:

  • Educational and youth empowerment programs
  • Events that center around public policy (civil rights and equality, promotes increased voter participation in local, state, and national elections, and increases young professional advocacy in public policy)


Outreach Programs

Focus: Community Programs, Health & Wellness and Quality of Life

This committee works in partnership with the ULMS, For Profit and Not for Profit Institutions and Health Providers to deliver:

  • Charity fundraising campaigns (Toys for Tots & Back to School etc…)
  • Health education programs
  • Seminars and public speakers, in an effort to address broad cultural issues that impact the health of individuals and families in ethnic minority communities in Seattle


People & Professional Development

Focus: Professional Development & Economic Empowerment

This committee works in partnership with the ULMS, local businesses and corporations as well as Other Young Professional Organizations to deliver provide:

  • Events that promote career advancement and professional development trainings
  • Events that promote enhanced economic opportunity, increased access to credit, financial literacy services that assist members and the community in acquiring or sustaining wealth.
  • Career Networking opportunities

Social Media & Marketing

Focus: Promoting events and activities of SULYP

The Committee reviews and executes strategies for marketing and branding the organization and its activities to help increase awareness through the website, newsletters, press releases, flyers and media relations.


Focus: Attraction, engagement, and retention, of new members

The Membership Committee maintains membership records and hosts new member orientations.


Focus: Fundraising to support SULYP & ULMS activities

The committee works in partnership with the ULMS affiliate and the SULYP Board to:

  • Identify strategies and opportunities to raise funds for SULYP and ULMS
  • Maintain relations with our corporate sponsors and partner organizations  


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