2016-2017 Elections

Seattle Urban League Young Professionals is now seeking nominations for our 2016-2017 Executive Board: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer


This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in empowering their community; contributing to the progress of achieving equality; and developing as a person, professional, and leader.  

Nomination Process


Members of good standing may nominate candidates in good standing for elections.   A member is in good standing if he or she paid membership dues for the current fiscal year.  If you are not a member in good standing, please click here to join. 


  • If you are nominating a candidate, please e-mail
    Shelton Wright, Nominations Chair at nominating@sulyp.org with the first and last name of the candidate, position nominated for, and contact information. We ask that you do this as soon as possible so the Nominations Chair can inform them of the nomination and allow them the opportunity to declare candidacy. 
  • If you are nominating yourself, please submit a declaration of candidacy.

Declaration of Candidacy - To declare your candidacy please send the Nominations Chair a "Declaration of Candidacy Package" to include

1) Your name, 2) contact information, 3) position seeking to fill, 4) a headshot, 5) an overview of your skill sets and experience, 6) a description of your current involvement in SULYP and/or other organizations in the community, and 7) describe what you hope to bring to the position (500 words maximum). 


You must submit your declaration of candidacy to Shelton Wright, Nominations Chair (nominating@sulyp.org) by 5:00 P.M Wednesday, June 22nd. 

Officer Responsibilities

  • President - The SULYP President leads the Executive Board in developing and ensuring the execution of the annual calendar that outlines all aspects of SULYP's policies, objectives, and initiatives. The President also serves as the SULYP spokesperson to the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle and the National Urban League Young Professionals.
  •  Vice President - The VP oversees and delegates all aspects of the organization's operational policies, objectives, and initiatives. The VP Monitors the progress of all standing committee chairs and provides support as needed.
  • Secretary - The Secretary shall be responsible for the recording of the minutes of all general body meetings and for all official correspondence and meeting notices. The Secretary shall also prepare the general body meeting agendas and keep an official membership role and attendance record of regular meetings and special engagements.
  • Treasurer - The Treasurer manages and oversees the finances of the organization. The Treasurer shall develop and maintain the annual budget and provide monthly treasury reports to SULYP board and members.
Members in good standing will elect the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the Seattle Urban League Young Professionals' June 24th General Body Meeting (location TBD).  The Nominations Committee will provide all members with a list of all candidates nominated for each office prior to the General Body Meeting.  

Questions - contact Shelton Wright at nominating@sulyp.org
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